Thank you for purchasing an engine. If you have any questions please call at the number listed above. 

To attain the best performance on our used or reconditioned engines, it is recommended that our installation and operating instructions be followed, when installing and operating this engine.


1. The water pump, timing belt front and rear main seals on used and reconditioned

     engines must be replaced with new ones.

2. Oil pan, strainer and pick‑up screen must be cleaned and inspected prior to installation.

3. Before starting engine remove coil wire and crank engine over until there is good oil

    Pressure. (Until oil light goes out.)

4. Catalytic converter must be inspected to make sure it is not clogged. A clogged converter

    can cause damage to engine rings on a rebuilt or new engine because of back pressure.

5. Check complete cooling system, including, specifically, without limitation to all 

    components of the cooling system, i.e. belts, hoses, freeze plugs, radiator, fan, fan switch,

    water pump, heater core and thermostat.

6. Blow out intake and exhaust ports to remove any loose particles that may go (fallen) into  

    cylinders and cause damage.


 Before start up, cylinder head must be retorqued and valves readjusted   to manufacturer's specifications and once again after the engine reaches normal operating temperature and once again at 500 miles.


Oil and filters must be changed before start up and again after first 500 miles and then every 3000 miles. Receipt for lubricant, filters and service may be required.          

Failure to perform these operations voids warranty.

Follow the periodic maintenance as set forth by the original manufacturer

 to keep your warranty intact.


We will not warranty engines that suffer damage from improper installation, improper break in, overheating, lack of oil, fuel wash (running rich), dry start, detonation, pinging, over revving, fuel additives, use of silicone, plugged exhaust, accidents, fire, theft. Or any kind of abuse or negligence!!